Journey as a Co-Founder/Creative Director

I have almost 18+ years of experience of the digital design industry and have witnessed the evolution of technology from the analog to the digital world. After beginning my design career in India, I am creatively leading the design business from US now.

As Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Intelligaia LLC founded in 2005, I have been responsible for shaping the business of design by setting an example of how design can help enterprises gain a competitive edge. Using my collective wisdom of bringing strategy, design, technology and business together in mature and emerging markets has guided me for leading and evolving design thinking for the enterprise.

Being a versatile leader, I have been able to successfully align design thinking and engineering challenges with customer needs with ease. I truly believe that people are our compass and that a human-centered approach to design fuels the creation of products that resonate more deeply with an audience. I consider myself a storyteller collaborating with all aspects of the business to find common threads.

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UX Team that Execute

  1. Winning Strategies -> help teams establish a design thinking process. Design Workshops, Interviews, Journey Maps and Product Roadmap
  2. Engaging User Experience -> develop pervasive user experience for different devices using design tool-kits. UI Style Guides, Front-End Code in CSS/HTML, Angular, JS
  3. Design Integration Support -> provide full support for design integration to make sure UX is pixel perfect